To ensure that Worldview Academy can meet the growing need to equip students in the vital 13-18 year old demographic with a serious biblical faith impacting every aspect of thought and life, we need to raise continuing support for the Booth's ministry with Worldview Academy.

“Shallow, harmless, and ultimately irrelevant.

That’s how college atheists described Christianity in research reported recently in The Atlantic. These college atheists turned out to have a surprising thing in common: during the crucial years between age 13 and 18, many of them attended or were influenced by evangelical churches. That’s why Worldview Academy is more important than ever. (read more...)

As our Associate Executive Director, Brandon oversees planning for all twenty-three Worldview Academy leadership camps. He coordinates the vision and practice of Worldview Academy, and oversees the hiring of staff counselors. In addition to this, he works as a camp director and comes alongside Executive Director Randy Sims to create strategies for meeting the growing need for worldview equipping in the 13-18 year old demographic. (read more...)


At the Last

My spirit flags when darkness falls. Every evening I feel it, that creeping desperation slowly and inexorably invading my soul. Like death.... This is true, at the last, Death meets us all.

Why Jesus Hasn’t Come Back Yet (and Why It’s Worth the Wait)

“HOME” SMELLS LIKE DIESEL FUEL. It’s the smell of my father walking by my room in the dark hours of the morning, after being gone for days to run trains for the Santa Fe Railroad Company.

An Open Letter to Millennials from The Church

Dear Millennials,

I don’t need you.

It must be kind of thrilling to have everyone twittering like schoolgirls about how to make you like me. It must make you feel like you are the most significant, most misunderstood, most exciting generation to have ever lived.

But you aren’t

L.A.'s $1.3 billion experiment on kids has failed.

The L.A. Public School district has wasted $1.3 billion of tax-payers' money on a failded experiment on children. Now they're set to spend $40 million more to do keep doing it. Why are we trusting our children to these idiots?

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