To ensure that Worldview Academy can meet the growing need to equip students in the vital 13-18 year old demographic with a serious biblical faith impacting every aspect of thought and life, we need to raise continuing support for the Booth's ministry with Worldview Academy.

“Shallow, harmless, and ultimately irrelevant.

That’s how college atheists described Christianity in research reported recently in The Atlantic. These college atheists turned out to have a surprising thing in common: during the crucial years between age 13 and 18, many of them attended or were influenced by evangelical churches. That’s why Worldview Academy is more important than ever. (read more...)

Brandon oversees planning for all twenty-three Worldview Academy leadership camps. He coordinates the vision and practice of Worldview Academy, and oversees the hiring of staff counselors. In addition to this, he works as a camp director and creates strategies for meeting the growing need for worldview equipping in the 13-18 year old demographic. (read more...)


Reflections for the 2nd Sunday in Advent 2018

During this season of Advent I had an occasion to think a bit more deeply about the biblical passages my church will be reading Sunday December 9th, 2019. For what they are worth I thought I would share them.

God is a paradox

God is a paradox. He is at once the God whose wrath cannot be escaped, and the God whose steadfast love unfailingly accepts and sanctifies us. But perhaps the paradox is not in God but in our fractured vision?

Ride for The Brand

Who do you ride for? Do you ride for the brand of the cross, or do you ride for yourself? It’s not a comfortable question to answer if you’re honest. The wilderness sings its siren song to us all.

At the Last

My spirit flags when darkness falls. Every evening I feel it, that creeping desperation slowly and inexorably invading my soul. Like death.... This is true, at the last, Death meets us all.

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