L.A.'s $1.3 billion experiment on kids has failed.

The L.A. Public School district has wasted $1.3 billion of tax-payers' money on a failded experiment on children. Now they're set to spend $40 million more to keep doing it. Why are we trusting our children to these idiots?

What did they buy with $1.3 billion? iPads, loads and loads of iPads. But no one ever asked "why?" Throughout the whole process, they had no idea what educational goal they were seeking to accomplish with those iPads. They just figured that technology would somehow magically "fix" whatever the nebulous problem was.

Seriously? The people responsible for educating our children failed to ask the most basic critical thinking question there is before they spent $1.3 billion? Wow, just wow.

Now they've created a task force to figure out how they are going to use all those iPads. That's like handing a sledgehammer to a car mechanic and saying, "We don't really know what's wrong with the car, but here is the tool you should use to fix it. Fix whatever that tool will let you fix and we'll call it good."

No wonder teachers can't teach. They are being given all the wrong tools and told to teach whatever those tools will let them teach. It's so backwards it's crazy. L.A. parents should be revolting and demanding resignations of every administrator in the district.

Sadly this is happening all over the country, not just in L.A.