Why Worldview Academy?

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"Shallow, harmless, and ultimately irrelevant"

That’s how college atheists described Christianity in research reported recently in The Atlantic. These young atheists had a surprising thing in common. They had had attended evangelical churches during the crucial years between age 13 and 18.

They heard sermons, they worshiped, they were active in youth groups.

But they came away feeling that the church was superficial, that their leaders ducked the hard questions, and that no one took the Bible as seriously as they claimed. Paradoxically, the very strategies churches have embraced to retain teens are driving them away. 

Today’s church is training tomorrow’s young atheists.

That’s why Worldview Academy is more important than ever. Founded in 1996, Worldview Academy has always known two things:

  1. That we have to reach young people during the formative years between ages 13 and 18, and
  2. That the way to reach them isn’t to make Christianity fun. It’s to take the Bible seriously, and apply it to every area of thought and life.

Every summer, Worldview Academy hosts week-long leadership camps on college campuses throughout North America. In 2013, more than 2,000 students attended camp. They received training in biblical worldview, apologetics, and leadership. They learned to pursue truth, goodness and beauty. They learned to be discerning consumers of culture as well as gracious producers of culture. They learned to seek their God-given vocation in life while serving others as Jesus served humanity.

In short, students at Worldview Academy learn to take every thought captive to Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5).

As more and more Christians recognize the value of such training at such an age, Worldview Academy stands poised to meet the need. But if we are going to succeed we need people like you to invest in our mission. We need you to support Brandon Booth in his role as Associate Executive Director.