Why Brandon Booth?

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Why Worldview Needs Brandon Booth

As our Associate Executive Director, Brandon oversees planning for all twenty-three Worldview Academy leadership camps. He coordinates the vision and practice of Worldview Academy, and oversees the hiring of staff counselors. In addition to this, he works as a camp director and comes alongside Executive Director Randy Sims to create strategies for meeting the growing need for worldview equipping in the 13-18 year old demographic.

Brandon Booth is ideal for this position, because Brandon is:

An experienced educator.

For eight years he has served as the dean of a classical school in St. Louis, Missouri. During this time he has developed a growing passion for reaching the vital 13-18 year old demographic.

A trained thinker.

Brandon has a BA in Philosophy from Hillsdale College and an MA in Theology from Concordia Seminary. He has devoted his adult life to the integration of biblical truth and the life of the mind.

A product of Worldview Academy.

Brandon attended the first leadership camp in 1996 as a student. He returned as a staff counselor, then became a faculty member and camp director. He has experienced Worldview Academy at every level, and has unique insight into what makes this organization so effective.

Brandon met his wife Liv while at college, they fell in love as staff at Worldview Academy, and were married in 2002. Today they have five children –– Søren, Solveig, Lily, Torben, and Leif –– and live in Midland, Texas.